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Introduction About HCG Diet

Dr Simeon's during his research on the causes & cures of obesity came across the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. He observed that this hormone controlled the dieter's metabolism when the body was subjected to a low calorie diet yet the body received the required nutrients & proteins from the stored fats. The HCG causes the stored fats to convert into energy balancing the required number of calories & causing an effective weight loss.

The reviews of HCG diet are from the dieters themselves & the many HCG sites have testimonials from people who have tried the various forms of the HCG hormone with the diet. Most of them have positive reactions as they see the results for themselves there are also queries from dieters who have doubts on what they can & can't eat while on the HCG Diet plan. Very few recorded cases mention side effects & those that do refer to headaches, vomiting & fatigue symptoms that fade with time. This is because the levels of toxins in the body increases when fats are burned & these toxins get flushed out of the system with time.

Does Oral HCG Weight Loss results differ from its other forms?

  • Oral HCG is a popular form of the HCG hormone. Oral HCG is available in an Oral Spray form, Nasal Spray & Diet drops which can be found through this HCG website.
  • The development of Oral HCG made the process of taking the HCG much simpler as it could be taken without expert supervision & is pain free. There have been tests carried out by researchers who have found that the result of dieters using Oral HCG with those using other forms of HCG was almost the same.
  • Oral HCG & any other form of HCG can be used by men & women alike & gender does not make a difference for the diet result. The rules of the diet must be followed correctly in order for the diet to be effective.

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Our Quality HCG Diet Drops

The cheap HCG shots are prepared often in the faulty manner. If the mixing is not done in proper mode, it can bring about some problems. In these types of shots, the ingredient quality is often not up to the mark. Besides, these are not prepared in the favorable environment, due to which the potency of the diet is lost. People may get some adverse side effects out of these cheap shots.

HCG Shot Warnings, Side Effects And Dangers

HCG shots are effective and safe, till these are prepared in appropriate method and in right proportions. The faulty preparation can decrease the potency of the drug and at the same time, bring about various harmful effects. Moreover, the pushing procedure has to be appropriate.

People often face some physical troubles like vomiting, nausea, headache, tenderness of breast, swelling of the injection spot etc. due to some mistake made in the mixing procedure or injection pushing. However, these are not so serious can be treated very easily. The dieter is advised to consult a doctor or a nurse who can help you to push the injection or at least teach you the way of pushing the injection.

To avoid the hassles involved with injection, people prefer sublingual drops. Unlike the injections, the drops are not painful. You don't require consulting a doctor, getting your tests done before going for the diet course. Thus, a considerable amount of your time and money is saved. The oral drops are very easy take. One has to take it under the tongue. As it is in the diluted form it doesn't take much time to get dissolved in the blood. People all over the world prefer it as it doesn't interrupt their normal life.

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